How to start making good money 

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  Deu to the rate of unemployment in the world people are now looking for alternative jobs and ways to earn like in Kenya half of Kenyans are not yet employed , The number of students from universities is increasing , lucky is that one guy who get a job to do .  How to earn money


Now many people are earning from music , you know a lot of world musicians who are making good money from music . they are a lot of ways you can earn from music .

Business online

This is where many belong , also I belong here , online business is now common in the world and they are many ways to earn online , try blogging, affiliate marketing , writing ( academic writing and Ebooks writing )

Movie acting

In Kenya comedy acting is now working well, action movies , romantic and education movies are a good way of earning money , if you love action movies you will like my star Tony jaa and jarkie chan .

Betting online

This is what you can do to win good money , bet in sports as long as you get smart odds and prediction

In Kenya there is betting companies like sportpesa , betika and betin


This is now what you need as long as your in this world , having a good business that will pay you back ,

Follow this blog I will be writing a post on how to set a good business soon .read our articles visit 

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