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Nigerpress Partner Program

A simple program for content marketers.

Anyone can join the Nigerpress Partner Program and earn money for sharing their best stories and expertise to the Nigerian audience. Your are rewarded through content marketing and advertisements on Nigerpress.

How it works

There are two ways to earn with the Nigerpress Partner Program

1. Earn Through Content Marketing

Earning with this program simply involves you sharing Nigerpress posts on social media using our social share buttons. You will earn ₦100 naira for every user you convert through the shared posts. For example if you share a single post to your 1000 twitter followers and 500 followers gets engaged and converted you will earn ( ₦100 x 500 ) = ₦50,000 naira in a day just by sharing a single article on Nigerpress. The more articles you share the more you earn. Content marketing is currently the fastest way to earn on Nigerpress. Your social media shares will tracked automatically after you have received your unique tracking ID when you register for the partner program. Only registered partners are given a tracking ID.

2. Earn Through Advertisements

With this program, you’ll earn 30% commission when the users you referred through content marketing decide to advertise on Nigerpress. For example if you referred 50 people to Nigerpress through content marketing and 20 of them decide to advertise or publish sponsored posts on Nigerpress at the rate of ₦10,000 you will earn (₦3,000 x 20) = ₦60,000.

Commissions and payouts

  • Marketplace basic advert – you earn 30% commission
  • Marketplace featured advert – you earn 30% commission
  • Marketplace multipack advert – you earn 30% commission
  • Marketplace multipack + advert – you earn 30% commission
  • Nigerpress sponsored post product – you earn 30% commission
  • Nigerpress anonymous post product – you earn 30% commission

Enjoy Nigerpress Lifetime Commissions

With lifetime commissions a customer is permanently linked to you upon registering a new Nigerpress account for a period of 3 years, so even if your friends or referrals do not advertise immediately on Nigerpress you are still linked to them for a period of 3 years allowing you to receive commissions on all future purchases by the customer. So if you have converted 500 people to Nigerpress through content marketing, you will earn 30% commission on 500 lifetime customers for the next 3 years.

Early adopters have the best chance of earning the most

How Will I Get Paid To My Bank Account And What Is The Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout is ₦5,000. Your earned commissions are automatically deposited in your wallet after which you need to make a withdrawal request from your wallet to receive funds directly to your bank account. Payouts are made with bank transfers via PAYSTACK every last day of the month. At the end of every month, we’ll deposit what you’ve earned into your bank account.

How Do I Join The Nigerpress Partner Program

To register for the Nigerpress partner program you first need to have a Nigerpress account after which your can proceed to register for the partner program. Registering for the partner program requires a small fee of just ₦200.

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